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Is there anything that is safe and EFFECTIVE for weightloss? I need a metabolism booster!

Posted by Kris Dietz

I am 42; 5'7" and about 145lbs.  I am not unhappy with my current weight, but I feel better and clothes look better on me when I am about 10-12lbs. thinner.  I try to work out 2 or 3 times/wk at the gym; and I try to walk the dog once or twice a day.  Not always easy when working full time with 3 kids at home!  I am sometimes ravenous even though I may have eaten something within a reasonable time frame.  I don't eat junk food; I work retail so I am not sitting at work.  But, I am having trouble with these pesky 10 lbs. and find it hard to adjust to my changing body.  I am postmenopausal and expect some changes, but I would like to keep my weight down.


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