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is Gloxi height enhancer effective?

Posted by maiinor

I saw an ad on tv about Gloxi Height enhancer. This product is also on this They have a product which is Gloxi and is said to help increase height after puberty. Is this true? Is this product safe and effective?
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Not sure Buddy, I also heard about this product recently, I contact email support team she says that only after taking 7 to 10 packets of gloxi you'll grow and she is not sure. Go for stretching exercies instead of Gloxi
helo...juz want to asked f its really effective??juz want to know it....coz im going to but it....
how can i buy this gloxi
how can i buy this gloxi height

how can i buy gloxi height

 here in davao??


rey g

how can i buy gloxi in marikina/montalban

how mAny mOnths it will effect?
i too searching for every sites and even doctors asking about this products if its really effective.  Sadly, most height increase aids on TV now are scams capitalizing on people's hopes to look better. It's good we can always check the net for customer feedback nowadays. Don't be scammed. It may feel good but the psychological effect doesn't last that long once you've realized it doesn't really work.
ive been taking gloxi for 1 month,, no results at all.. can somebody help me and advice me what should i do?:((
i agree with virulentwivern. better have the natural way of gaining height than using hegith enhancers because nobody knows what the heck they are putting in it.
yah its really effective but you have  to take it twice a day for executive 5-9 months i spent a lot for this, luckyly i grown up, i am 165 cm b4, now I'm 180 cm i toke it for 1 year.. but whenenver i sleep during the process i felt that my legs is aching but the sells lady told me that its normal that's why thr's a free gel massage ,,, after 1 year i stoped using it coz i already rch my desired height.^ ^ and i am now very confdnt!!!!!! nothing bad side effects really...but if you just use it for two months but once only a day sorry it wont effect promise..
for how many days is 1 set of gloxi to be consumed? how much is the cost..thanks
how old are you when you started taking gloxi?
actually i am 36 years old and i did thought to buy this Gloxi but i still not sure if it is works.. If it is verfied that it is work very well then i will def buy it for sure.. Today, too many sites are fully of scams.. I start to chain my wallet and locked. So i dont let net to fool me or try to scam on me.. I must check all reviews and research for facts before i make finally decide to buy it or not.
hey Hongkidesu, at what age did you took this product? because maybe, it is just you getting taller naturally by yourself in your adolesence period. I used this product for 2 months in 2009, it did not effect me at all. and now they added a new product to it, the leg cream. If someone could prove to me that this new product could actully work on a 20 year old person, in longterm. I would definitley buy some.... 

Your height before might come back if you didn't continue it? 

where You from?


: where you from and why does it take to long do grow up,,.while in tv it only take for 3 to 5 month or more ?while you take a year to grow,, it really a scam?

I used this product once for 15 days and actually it's effective. I was 22 years old then and the result, I gained half an inch. Not able to continously using it because of the price. Hope it could be cheaper.

 By the way, I have still have the same height after I used it.

hi ,95% are scams i say 95% because i know there is two out there that really work but cannot find it , a family members spouse's son was short 5'4 age 21 that was two years ago, now when i seen him he was about 5'11. i heard him tell his mom "should i tell him" i knew they were talking about the height enhancer stuff it was obvious. well she said no , i know she bad. shoe insoles are scams,grow taller for idiots a scam. but there's this other one that seems promising. i want to grow! a little bit.

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