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is 50, 000 IU of vit D safe? Blood work confirmed a high level of calcium more blood work confirmed extreme vit D deficiency

Posted by BlovesIzz

They found a high level of calcium in my blood work.  That lead to more blood work and confirmed that it is an extreme vitamin D deficiency.  Now I just read that people with a high level of calcium should not take too much vitamin D talk about confusion.  
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Excessive calcium supplementation can actually reduce the activity of Vitamin D in the body, as parathyroid hormone is required to convert calcidiol (stored vitamin D) into calcitriol (activated vitamin D). The catch is - you only release parathyroid hormone when you calcium levels drop. Therefore, keeping them high with calcium supplements can actually have a negative effect on vitamin D metabolism.

 Studies show that vitamin D is safe, even in megadoses that you've described (50,000 IU). However, I have never given this to any client so I can't comment from my own experience. I do, however, regularly give my clients 4,000 IU each day during the winter and this keeps their vitamin D at an appropriate level. I do not suggest using supplements during the summer - just go outside for a few minutes each day.

 Hope that helps, Marek - London Nutritionist

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