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Iodine Deficiency More Common Than Most Think

Posted Jan 22 2009 4:38pm
My regular readers know that I did a 3-week health retreat at the Hippocrates Health Institute to deal with a host of odd conditions, including desperately dry eyes. While my health was much improved, my bone density is on the mend, and my energy is back to normal, my eyes were still dry.

A friend of mine, one of those rarest of breeds, an integrative pharmacist, Mike Ciell told me that I was probably iodine deficient. I should have listened to Mike because when it comes to biochemistry, Mike knows the biochemistry of nutrition as well as anyone I know. He explained that because iodine is displaced by chlorine, sitting in chlorinated pools and whirlpools and drinking chlorinated water cause iodine deficiencies that are far more widespread and under-recognized than most people will ever realize.

Turns out I wasn't even eating iodized salt at home, so a deficiency made all sorts of sense.

Mike promised that my dry eyes would improve if I took a formula called " Lugol's" and he added that I would also enjoy an added benefit: softer skin. Mike explained that the iodine would allow cholesterol to move into my skin to make it more supple. Hmm. That's enough to make most women want to know if they need supplemental iodine.

And, within a week of taking a couple of drops of Lugol's formula, indeed my dry eyes cleared up and, lo and behold, my skin felt softer. Whoo hoo!

A nutrient-based (instead of an antibiotic or steroid) intervention. No eye drops to fuss with all day long (or worse, all night long). And inexpensive to boot!

I'm incredibly grateful for the amazing people who surround me with their wise advice and counsel. Thank you Mike! You're the best!

Meanwhile, post a comment here or let me know your experience with iodine and/or the famous Lugol's solution. You never know, maybe I could get the "kat" to order some for the Co-op at our usual great prices.
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