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Industrial Food Syndrome and Americans

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:35am 1 Comment
Are you suffering from IFS - Industrial Food Syndrome?

What Americans eat is likely the biggest cause of us feeling sick, tired and stressed. I know quite a few people who fall under the following categories, in other words they feel like crap.

Low energy, exhausted adrenals, cold hands or feet
Digestive or elimination troubles
Depressed, mood swings, brain fog
Weight problems

We all know that pills are not enough... They might be a catalyst, and provide nutrient reserves. And that's a good thing. But a daily real food plan you can stick to, will really take your body to the next level. Even though I take a whole food multivitamin I know if I eat junk the supplement alone will not work to give me good health.

When I changed my diet and cut the industrial food my energy came back, I slept better and didn't need Alka Seltzer. Feelings of stress were gone and I was more productive with work.

Take a few minutes to learn why so many people feel miserable.
How did I get so sick and tired?
What's the Tip?

If you are tired of feeling sick, not having energy, not sleeping well and feeling stressed read more from Inside Whole Food Nation.

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Thank you for reading!

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