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I've got a question about taking extra iodine.

Posted by Tiza

I've got a question about taking extra iodine. I'm 57, not taking anything but supplements and try to eat healthy. But would it hurt me to take an iodine supplement at my age or maybe take kelp?  I had my thyroid tested several years ago from an at-home test that you send off.  It came out just at normal.



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Overdose of iodine from medications or supplements may cause burning in the mouth, throat and stomach or abdominal pain, nausea vomiting, dirarrhea, weak pulse and coma.

Best refer to your doctor for accurate dosage intake.

Thanks for your response.

 But if I started taking some Kelp periodically, then could it cause this?  And if it did and I stopped it, would it just be okay?



Please understand, I'm not taking iodine except when I have sea salt. That's it.  I didn't mean to mislead by my question. My supplements are not iodine-related at all.
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