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I'm going cold-turkey! Good-bye fast food

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:38pm
When I worked outside my home I ate fast food 5-days a week. It was usually MacDonalds or Taco Bell. My co-workers hounded me about not eating real food. I figured it was real food and since it tasted good I was happy.

I'd like to be able to say I stopped the fast food because I became educated on the un-healthy part but it didn't happen that way. I stopped fast food because I didn't crave it anymore. Nothing dramatic happened, no life threatening reason, simply I didn't crave it.

When I started taking a new whole food multi my whole body changed. I guess I'm getting what I need now so I don't have bad cravings. Our body knows what we need, if we listen.

Okay I'll be in Texas this weekend so I'll see if I'll be able to stay Fast Food Free.

Do you give in to cravings, stuff like junk food snacks, (ie., potato chips, cookies, ice cream) or Big Macs? Want a natural way to go cold turkey and not feel the pains? Ready fordamage control?
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