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How Well Do You Know Your Supplement Company?

Posted Sep 16 2011 4:40pm

I am a huge advocate for pro-active healthcare. I believe that if we provide our bodies with the vitamins and nutrients they require in order to function optimally, our bodies will in return reward us with excellent health, energy, vitality and longevity.

I am a firm believer that it is far less expensive to prevent an illness than to treat one and the toll the illness will take on you, your family and the health care system is unnecessary and absolutely avoidable!

I believe in high quality supplements to achieve optimal health because I do not feel that we can get what we need solely from the food we eat, anymore.

I believe that we must be educated consumers and know what goes into the supplements we use and equally as important we must demand that the companies from whom we purchase our supplements be held accountable for ensuring that the products we consume are safe and effective for us and our famlies.

I feel very strongly that if a nutrition company cannot provide us with clinical studies that have been published in peer reviewed medical or scientific journals they cannot prove the efficacy of their product and therefore their products should be avoided.

Although clinical studies are extremely costly for nutritional companies to undertake, nothing is more valuable than our health and our lives and I will only spend my money with a company who takes my health and the health of my family seriously enough to test the quality, purity and efficacy of ALL of their products and guarantee them 100% - regardless of the cost!

The most expensive product you will ever buy is the one that doesn't work!


To your good health!


Paula Mellon

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