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How my 9-year-old son started thinking about eating better

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:38pm
Lat week my son went in for his check-up at the doctor. Most of the visit was his doctor explaining how he needs to eat fruits, veggies and whole grains to live longer. It was great! In 15 minutes the doctor was able to get through to him when I had failed. The thing I liked best was the doctor telling about how girls live longer than boys. "If a girl and boy are born the same day, the girl will live 6 years longer than the boy," Dr. Skar said. This made an impact on my son.
When we left the doctor's office he told me he wanted to start eating the kind of food I eat, except broccoli. He has tried whole wheat pasta, brown rice and even sampled my steamed veggies (not his favorite but he tried). Now when he doesn't want to try a new food I tell him to think about what the doctor said and ask him if he wants to live 6 years longer.
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