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Hot Pepper (Capsaisin-Based) Nasal Spray Relieves Allergic Rhinitis

Posted Feb 02 2009 11:42pm
According to a recent study, an all natural, botanical nasal spray provides relief to folks with allergic rhinitis, all without a prescription for traditional steroid sprays.

The wonder ingredient? Capsaicin, which comes from hot peppers and creates none of the addiction problems that steroid formulations create.

This is good news for the 1 in 5 Americans who suffer from nasal allergies (shockingly, did you know that almost half of American children suffer from nasal allergies?!) .

Tess winced when she heard the words "hot peppers" associated with "nasal spray" and walked off to her office. I had to haul her back in to my office to get a more intelligent response from her. I shared the capsaicin nasal spray study with Tess and she winced again when she heard about the " mucoadhesive molecule" that prolongs the essence of hot pepper inside the nose.

Okay, so it's a pharmaceutical company's product, revision number 2 (the mucoadhesive molecule is the revision). Some folks have reviewed the original product online saying it helped with migraines pretty quickly, some liked the sinus clearing effects, while others weren't that wild about the original formula (they reported it "stinging" and, of course, there was no mucoadhesive molecule to prolong the effect).

Tess quipped, "Greaaat. Just what everyone wants. Hot pepper in their poor little raw sinuses." Shaking her head, she's hoping some adventurous "Mikey will try it first and like it" as she's not exactly volunteering to be a guinea pig for this product.

So, leave a note in the comments for this article if you try Sinol-M and let us all know whether you like it or not. We can then start encouraging people to mix slippery elm (a mucilaginous herbal) with cayenne pepper (a source of capsaicin) for every cheapskates' newest and most favorite home remedy alternative. LOL.

Yes, it's true, it doesn't take much to amuse us around here. :-)
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