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Hormones and Weight-loss

Posted by Kenna M.

Group of scientists theorize balancing hormones maintains the solution to the weight-loss problem. Relora is a product that supposively balances the hormones to handle the weight-loss problem.

This is how it works. Prolonged stress increases blood levels of cortisol, a hormone that comes from adrenal gland. The more stress a body has the more cortisol the gland generates, thus causing fat in the abdomen.

The theory is to lower the coristol by taking relora and avoid gaining weight around the middle.

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this is the reason that people gain weight when they are on birth control pills. I've heard it said that it's because your body is tricked into thinking that it's pregnant, so you gain weight. But as your breasts don't start lactating (not trying to be gross, this is scientific info, people!) I'm wondering if this explains a bit of the weight gain. In my opinion, birth control pills are a terrible thing to put the body through, regardless.
You have an excellent point. Why alter your body by synthetic means? Make the best of what you have and expound on that, but not by weight gain. We are afterall sentient beings who can cause things to happen in a positive way.
Yeh, why gain a couple pounds and spare your body conception with birth control?! Thinking about abortion is much more sensible!
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