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Hoodia Works!?!?

Posted by Lela D.

I finally broke down and tried Hoodia. I'm not into diet pills with sexy girls on the box, but I really wanted a kick-start before facing the dreaded fluorescent-lit changing room at my local bathing suit torture center. Sixty Minutes said hoodia worked so how bad could it be? I bought it at the health food store so I could feel all good and natural about it! The one I bought is 200 mg. per capsule and the directions say to take it twice a day between meals. I noticed the effect right away and after about a week, I can tell you the stuff really works. I definitely feel less hungry, but even more than that is the freedom of not thinking about food every minute. I'm not preoccupied with what my next meal will be. It's not that I never feel hungry, but I'm able to ignore the hunger. However, it does NOT make you eat less. Once I sit down to eat, I still have to be pretty disciplined. It doesn't make me feel nervous or jittery or any other side effects I would expect from a product filled with caffeine. I wouldn't use it long-term, but it sure helps out at the beginning of my new resolution to eat smaller portions.
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... be careful with Hoodia with other diet products or anti-depressants.  We have had patients report digestive difficulty and headaches with the combining of Hoodia and anti-depressants.  This, of course, is case by case.  But always be careful with supplements, even if they are from a natural source.
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