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Help! I stopped eating wheat 3 weeks ago to stop cravings. I'm doing great, but losing my hair daily.

Posted by stward102

I have a good diet and take a multi-vitamin and a calcium supplement. I eat oats, rice, beans, potatoes with skins, nuts, a little yoghurt and cheese, raw milk, fruit and veggies, flax seeds, beef, chicken and fish. I'm not overly stressed. Since giving up wheat I have had no junk food. I do drink a little coffee with evaporated cane juice for sugar. Do I go back to the wheat? Take Silica supplements?
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In my opinion you made a great choice to give up wheat. I also gave up wheat about 6 months ago and have never felt better. I do eat very minimal amounts of grains - a little oatmeal, organic brown rice and quinoa. I skip all wheat and gluten items . I know that I had a problem digesting wheat as I was always bloated and miserable after eating anything wheat or anything processed containing wheat. I feel so much better going to a whole foods, veggies and very low specific grain diet. I think they say 40% of the population has a problem with gluten..and I must be in that 40%. I've lost 32 pounds since going gluten free and have never felt better. I would consider not going back to  wheat if you are feeling good and seeing benefits.
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