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Healthy substitutes for blood thinning drugs

Posted Jul 12 2012 1:02pm

This is a list of things that may reduce the risk of heart problems and the risk of you having to take drugs to prevent heart problems in the future. These are natural substitutes to blood thinning drugs like Pradaxa , but I would advise you to check with your doctor first,before starting your own personal blood thinning diet.

First on our list is fish, more precisely fish rich in Omega 3  like cod and salmon is known to be one of the best way of reducing blood thickness.

If spicy food is your thing , than you're in luck .Foods with high levels of salicylates are great to keep your levels of cholesterol in check and also to prevent blood thickness,but be careful not to over do it . Too spicy and it may affect your kidney and liver.

From spicy foods we go to another remedy that stings your tongue - ginger. You can use ginger in your diet to reduce the risk of inflammation in the body and the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Speaking of cardiovascular disease, be sure to eat a lot of dried fruits and berries. Fruits like raisins, cranberries, prunes and cherries are the nature's wonder product when it comes to cardiovascular health.

There is no other such wonder product when we talk about blood health and healthy blood circulation like Gingko biloba. This chinese remedy has been for thousands of years and that speaks for itself.

Last but not least - exercise. It's hard having a healthy body, no matter how careful you are with your diet if you live a sedentary life. There's no need to go run the marathon every day as simple workout routines that could take only a few minutes of your daily time have been proved to be most beneficial for your body if done regulate.


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