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Healthy Detox With Food

Posted Jan 13 2010 6:57am

I'm preparing for my detox cycle to start this Saturday. Doing a detox with food is surprisingly easy for me. I love all the fruits and veggies, herbal teas and feelings of lightness during the detox.

Thanks to Dr. Heidi's online detox program I do have a list of foods to eat, how often to eat and how to prepare the foods and juices.

It was scary the first time I did a juice fast because I didn't know what to expect. I thought I would be hungry all the time, I wasn't. I did have a few rough days at the start but I had Dr. Heidi to help me work though the BAD detoxing and after the 5 day juice fast I was feeling better than I've felt ever!

juice fasting
Your cells can actually change their memories after being on a juice fast for 5 days. That is how I was finally able to stop smoking without any patches, pills or potions! I just never picked up a cigarette again - 14 months later I'm still a non-smoker and have NEVER had a single craving or withdrawal symptom.

The first week will be the easing in period. For starters I'll eat fruits and veggies, all organic of course. I'll drink water, herbal teas and my coconut tea (warm water with virgin coconut oil.)

It's important to ease into the detox to give my body a chance to start getting rid of some toxins before the juice fast. I don't want to have toxic overload and feel like crap for a week!

Next week I'll do my shopping for veggies to make my vegetable broth. I'll shop for the fruits and veggies I'll use for the juice fast next Friday so they are as fresh as possible. I know from the last detox cycle that I will not want to run to the store at the last minute for more "detox foods".

Doing a detox using food is the safest and easiest way to rid the toxins from the food we eat. There are no pills or potions I would trust when doing a detox. I also strongly suggest you work with a doctor or person trained in nutrition and especially juice fasting. You never know what will happen when detoxing and if you have never done a detox cycle some of the things your body goes through can be scary.

I'll cut all animal protein for the easing in period and eat mostly fruits and veggies. For energy I use my coconut oil and my detoxing Chorella or if I need more protein I will add an egg to my breakfast but that isn't likely to be a problem. I don't eat a lot of meat so cutting meat is not a problem for me.

During the juice fast that is all I will eat for 5 days. Fruit juice, vegetable juice, water, herbal teas, lemon water, cucumber water and coconut oil tea.

Then I'll need to ease back into eating solid foods while adding the heavy proteins back gradually.

To do a detox cycle you need to prepare with foods, have a juicer, take time off from work during the juice fast so you don't use too much energy - if you keep your same daily routine you will not be as successful during the fasting period. Of course you can do both if preparing by bringing extra juice etc. along.

Detoxing is a great way to stop smoking by changing those cell memories, same with giving up any chemical addition.

Detoxing rids your body of toxins from the food we eat. Even near perfect eaters have toxins from our environment.

Detoxing helps rid fat stored around organs and excess body fat with cellulite.

Detoxing gets rid of false fat.

Detoxing gives your digestive system a much needed rest.

Detoxing changes how I eat for months after. I want to keep that clean body feeling so I eat clean. When I start slipping back into the not so healthy eating mode - I know it's time for a detox!

Dr. Heidi Dulay is my hero when it comes to detoxing because I was able to kick the smoking habit with her help. I also lost the baby belly fat with no pills, shakes, potions or even exercise. I was wanting to burn that belly fat during the detox but my #1 purpose was to learn to eat healthy, get rid of the toxins and quit smoking.

I did start with the ER Fat Burn program - Dr. Heidi's online weight loss program. Doing the fat burn first was a great start to reduce toxins bcause the program is all about eating clean REAL food.

If you would like more information about Dr. Heidi's ER Fat Burn program (next program starts Feb 13, 2010) visit her ER Fat Burn Feb, 2010 site here.

For information on Dr. Heidi's Detox Program visit her ER Detox site here.

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