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Good Meat - Bad Meat - How to buy good meat...

Posted Sep 28 2008 11:31am 1 Comment

For most of my life I've been mostly vegetarian. I'm an animal lover and couldn't stand how feedlot animals were treated but the biggest reason for me not eating meat was the taste, it was gross.

Real Food News You Can Use: How to buy meat.
Dr. Heidi 5 min AUDIO here (5 mins).

For my vegetarian friends - I'm not saying you need to change anything, this is for the Omnivores looking for the Healthy Meat (yes even RED meat is healthy!)

I've read the stories about red meat. And more here. To balance it all out I've also read books like Pasture Perfect, by Jo Robinson and realized eating meat might take care of some of my health problems but "How do I buy the good red meat?"

Here's the definition of good red meat.

Good read meat comes from grass-fed animals. Grass-fed animals are pastured. [NOT pasteurized - but pastured.] This, my omnivore friends, you CAN eat. I do.

Grass-fed animals are allowed to forage and graze in pastures - on grass and other stuff on the grounds. Eating what they eat naturally. They're not force fed corn and soy, and not shot full of antibiotics and growth hormones. Because they're not sick like most of the feedlot cows in America are.

Good meat shopping tip: When shopping for meat, ASK the meat person:
Do you have 100% grass-fed beef?

If not, find a local farmer. They'll have grass fed beef. Google local farmers in YOUR CITY or check for local farmers online:
Eat Wild
Local Harvest
Weston A Price Foundation

If you can't find pastured meat near you, there are resources online.
La Cense Grass-Fed Beef (I am not affiliated with La Cense - just a happy customer)

Until you find a farmer or grass-fed beef source, at the very minimum, to preserve your body, ask for meats from animals that have not been fed antibiotics and hormones. Ask at the meat counter.

AUDIO: Dr. Heidi describes how to recognize and buy good red meat here (5 mins).

P.S. For the story on good meat, bad meat Please see here.

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Real food adds health value visit Whole Food And More website.

Surprise source of vitamin D
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Good post.  I do think you have to be careful with meat and bad cooking can ruin good meat.  Using a reputable butcher helps, especially if youre planning to buy meat online
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