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Give kids real food not drugs

Posted Nov 04 2008 7:26am 1 Comment
ReutersHealth published a study showing that more and more U.S. children are being given drugs to fight chronic conditions such as asthma and hyperactivity.

From 2002 to 2005 prescriptions for medicines to treat type-2 diabetes doubled, asthma medications rose by more than 46 percent, medicines for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder increased by more than 40 percent and prescriptions for cholesterol-lowering drugs were up by 15 percent. Full story here.

In a report published in the November issue of Pediatrics, they said the increases could mean that chronic conditions are on the rise.

But they said the trend could also reflect other factors such as changes in the way doctors prescribe drugs and better screening that identifies more chronic conditions.

My feelings about how to prevent giving drugs to children is simple. Teach families about real food! Give our kids real whole foods and see if their health improves. Parents need to be responsible for children so we need to start with getting rid of the junk food.

My son was a picky eater, if it wasn't frozen quick foods he didn't like it - until he learned about real food. Now he loves grass-fed beef, pastured chicken and the eggs from happy chickens. He's in excellent health, gets good grades in school, races his BMX bike every weekend and toned his body in the last year. He gained 2 pounds in a year and is now at the perfect weight for his height.

I didn't stop with real food, I looked at the kids vitamin he was taking. It was all synthetic ingredients so now he takes the same whole food multi that I take. Yes we eat right most of the time - the multi vitamin is added benefit, not a replacement for real food. No vitamin will replace a poor diet!

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If you have difficulties getting your kids to eat their fruit and veg use Green Magic from

It is 17 superfoods ground down into a powder and can be mixed with juice etc and one spoonful gives 4 portions of fruit and veg. our favourite mixture is milk ice cream banana and Green Magic turned into a smoothie....lovely drink and full of goodneess

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