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Getting the most out of your calcium supplement

Posted by Swati S.

Calcium is good for the bones and the teeth and it is something people are generally deficient in. However, if you take calcium supplements, make sure you eat them properly to get maximum benefit. Here are a few suggestions you may find helpful.

Calcium is said to be best absorbed when taken along with food.

Take around 600 mg of calcium supplement at a time. If you need to take more, then divide it up into separate doses.

If you are taking iron supplement as well, make sure that you separate the iron and calcium supplement by at least 2 hours. If you take them together, then the iron will prevent the calcium from being absorbed properly.

If you take chewable tablets, make sure it is chewed thoroughly.

Always read the label carefully, and follow the directions.

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Great post! Calcium helps the body in many ways besides teeth and bones. It is also good for the nerves, boosts phagocytes, and T-cells--help destroy viruses and bacteria.
Some recent studies showed that you absorp three time the amount of calcium from green foods that contain it! Another recent study on early post menopausal women showed that a product called Femenessence increased the body's gastro intestinal absorption increasing bone density... but most important of all is weight baring exercise! weight baring exercise and oh did I mention weight baring exercise.
Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium in the body. Here is a link that will give you the specific doses needed through varying age groups for both Calcium and vitamin D.
I didn't know the part about taking it with food. I usually take my vitamins on an empty stomach because it doesn't bother me. I guess I should add a peice of toast to my routine!

Hi all..

At my age I have been looking into osteoporosis prevention, starting with a good diet and exercise I also want to start taking a calcium supplement. I have been looking into a particular calcium supplement for some time now but i do not know what to look for when checking it out. Any tips or info regarding this would be helpful


I'm finding that taking supplements is more involved than I originally thought. It seems that many vitamins block the affects of others. Just like drug interactions with chemically manufactured medications. Is there a good online resource that lays all of these interactions out in a simple manner?

Something to look at is that it is Vitamin D3 which you need with calcium to build bone. Best source of D3 is the sun but also look at say a product like arctic cod liver oil with D3. Calcium hands down needs to be through organic foods. It basically doesn't exist in organic foods (look at study by Rutgers on different trace elements between organic and non organic) however as mentioned you absorb nearly three time as much from foods. There are some great greens focused on calcium particularly sea greens. Also alkalize the system so it isn't acidic. But the critical factor is hormone levels... just look at post menopausal women. In the first 12 months they lose on average 7% bone density and yet what is different in those 12 months... their diet? no... their exercise? no... it is the fact their ovaries have shut down ie low hormone production so look at something which supports your own hormone production like Femenessence for women or Revolution Macalibrium for men... and finally hands down the most important aspect is weight baring exercise this is either weights or yoga.

PS get a massage... it releases oxytcin which stimulates growth hormone and helds build bone

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