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Get Up, Get Down, and Get It On!

Posted by Tracii H.

Here's a short list of herbs with the following properties: STIMULATING -----Lemon Green Tea -----Eucalyptus Schisandra -----Peppermint Dandelion -----Ginger Ginseng -----Rosemary Cayenne -----Thyme Shiitake/Maitake mushroom RELAXING -----Basil Passionflower -----Bay Skullcap -----Lavender Valerian -----Chamomile Oatstraw -----Anise Lemon Balm -----Sage Damiana APHRODISIAC -----Ylang Ylang Jasmine -----Clove Cedarwood -----Cinnamon Basil -----Rose Patchouli If these cannot be eaten or otherwise taken internally, you may burn them as potpourri or in their essential oil forms.
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