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Get Old Habits Or Emotions To Vanish

Posted Mar 05 2009 2:20pm
Did you know it's possible to make unwanted old habits or emotions vanish?

And the weird thing? You can do it in minutes, not years. You may not need therapy or medication or a lobotomy to zap habits or emotions you want to eliminate or change.

Of course what seems like a miracle is always a little weird and out of the ordinary... see for yourself.

I quit smoking cigarettes overnight with the help of Dr. Heidi. This was after years of trying to stop smoking with the help of nicotine patches and lots of will power. With Dr. Heidi's help I experienced no cravings, no withdrawal, no weight gain! I found an easy way to stop smoking. It's like I never smoked a day in my life. I smoked for over 30years! I wish I had known these mind control techniques years ago, I'm glad Dr. Heidi helped me give up the one bad habit I had never been able to beat.

Wild, huh?

Check it out.

P.S. What habit or emotion would you bring to the session to banish forever from your mind?

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