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For total vitality in a 35 year old man whats the best vitamin / mineral supplement ? Is there any tested medication for stress

Posted by Salzz

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What Makes It Different?
The Vitality Pack Men combines Vitality Multivitamin & Mineral Men with Vitality Calcium Complete™ to deliver 22 essential nutrients from the optimum sources and in the right combinations with the Oligo™ mineral form for maximum absorbability and antioxidant protection. The addition of Calcium Complete helps you get the additional minerals you need for strong bones and teeth, as well as proper muscle and heart activity.

The Oligo Difference

  1. Essential for a vibrant life, better health, and more energy
    Vitamins and minerals help prevent disease and provide crucial support to most body functions, including growth and energy production. Vitality Multivitamin and Mineral provides the ideal levels of nutrients based on your unique age and gender requirements.
  2. Delivers nutrients Just Like Nature
    Oligo binds minerals to organic compounds to mirror the way they are naturally found in fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods.
  3. Proven by science to be up to 10 times more available for absorption than the competition
    Traditional mineral forms can crystallize in the intestines, making them difficult to absorb. Oligo helps keep minerals soluble in the intestine—where nutrient absorption takes place.
  4. Protects antioxidant vitamins from free radical damage up to 5 times better than the leading brands
    Traditional mineral forms can cause an increase of free radicals, robbing the antioxidants in your multivitamin (vitamins A, C, and E) of some of their potency before they can be absorbed. Oligo guards the minerals, reducing their ability to generate excess free radicals.
  5. We challenge our competitors to produce any evidence contrary to these scientific findings
    Oligo was developed by Melaleuca scientists and verified by leading researchers in the field. We challenge all vitamin and mineral supplement manufacturers to perform their own test and see how their supplements stand up against Oligo.

Why Is That Important?
All the nutrients in the world won’t do you any good if your body can’t use them. The Vitality Pack has been formulated using the most bioavailable nutrient sources—often multiple sources—all in research-recommended amounts to help you get the nutrients you need every day. It also offers one thing no other multivitamin in the world can offer—Oligo. This amazing breakthrough promotes maximum mineral solubility while protecting the potency of your antioxidants. In fact, no other mineral form is more available for absorption than Melaleuca’s Oligo.  

The result is more energy and better health—a difference you can actually feel.

It Works Because…
The minerals in supplements crystallize during digestion, which inhibits absorption. In addition, minerals also tend to trigger free radicals during digestion. This cascade of free radicals can “use up” the antioxidants in your multivitamin (vitamins A, C, and E), rendering them nearly useless.

Oligo binds minerals to organic compounds (oligofructose and amino acid) to mirror the way minerals are naturally found in fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods. This binding process not only keeps the minerals more available for the body to absorb, it also guards the minerals—disarming their ability to generate massive amounts of free radicals. As a result, more of the critical nutrients you need for better health are available for use every day.

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