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Foods to Warm You up or Cool You Down

Posted Nov 14 2008 7:27am
Happy Friday - today is day 10 of my detox cleanse cycle - and day 3 of my intense juice fast! The detox program I'm doing is food based. No supplements at all, not even the Pops I take everyday. Just food, cool... Anyway, here's a little tip anyone can use when they are too warm or cold.

A question came up about why many of us felt cold. Here's Dr. Heidi's reply:

"Detoxing tends to lower body temperature. With less metabolic activity,temperature goes down. That's another big reason to drink warm water now." Dr. Heidi says.

"You may also want to stay off salads, which are cooling, especially cucumber. Raw foods in general are more cooling than cooked foods".

Here's some advice from traditional Chinese medicine, which is big on the effects of foods on warming and cooling the body." (regardless of whether they're cooked or raw):

Common cooling foods are: lettuce, celery, radish, cucumber, summer squash, zucchini, tomatoes and many leafy vegetables. Root vegetables tend to have neutral thermal qualities.

Warming fruits and veggies include: cabbage, kale, mustard greens, onions, garlic, winter squash, parsnip, leek, chive, scallion, cherries and dates.

"Warm soups with added coconut oil would be great. Stay with a double dose of cod liver oil to support your thyroid, which is the body's master temperature regulator."
Dr. Heidi Dualy Little Spa

Thanks for visting Whole Food And More Blog, and happy weekend!

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