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Foods To Stop Fever Blisters (Herpes Virus)

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:37pm
Most people suffer a form of herpes virus at some point. Most commonly a cold sore "fever blister" or genital blisters but can be shingles or an infection called Epstein-Barr disease. You may be able to control outbreaks by what you eat. The virus lies dormant in 90% of us, diet may well determine whether the virus becomes reactivated and explodes into herpes symptoms.

Dr. Griffiths, M.D., professor emeritus of medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine and an infectious disease specialist has tested the food that cause herpes outbreaks.

The three worst food to eat if you are prone to herpes:
* Chocolate
* Nuts
* Gelatin (Jell-O)

Dr. Griffith explains:
Molecules of what you eat end up in your cells. If you feed the herpes virus enough of the right stuff, it may grow ferociously, prodding the body to make cold sores, genital blisters and other symptoms. You can stave the virus so it can't cause much trouble. Dr. Griffith says, "In the 1950's it was discovered that amino acids in food can stifle or encourage the growth of herpes virus. Adding the amino acid arginine to the herpes virus in cell cultures made it grow like crazy. Adding the amino acid lysine halted the growth. One theory is that lysine wraps a protective coat around the cell, barring the virus from penetrating. If that's the case, doesn't it make sense to feed the herpes virus a diet low in the growth-stimulant arginine and rich in the growth-inhibitor lysine?

For over 20 years Dr. Griffith has been telling herpes patients to eat these lysine rich foods:
Meat, including beef and pork
More Here
You can also take a lysine supplement.

It's not just the amount but the balance between arginine and lysine in foods. The following foods have a high ratio of arginine to lysine and tend to stimulate herpes virus growth;
Almonds - Cashews - Brazil Nuts - Hazelnuts - Peanuts - Walnuts - Pecans - Chocolate - Gelatin

Restrict if you eat lots of these:
Coconut - Barley - Corn - Oats - Wheat - Pasta - Brussels Sprouts

Not everyone gets herpes from eating the above foods. Nor does cutting out the above foods curb all herpes attacks. Experiment with these foods and see if they contribute to herpes flareups. If you don't have a herpes reaction from these foods, don't worry about not eating them as they are probably not at fault.

Diet changes don't work for everyone but you may be one who gets some relief so it's worth trying.

Resource: Food your miracle medicine, Jean Carper, pages-360-365

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