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Posted by C.L. R.

I'm reading so much about the benefits behind Omega 3 fatty acids for skin, hair and overall cholesterol health but I hate cooking fish. I want to take fish oil supplement but I'm curious how to determine whether there's mercury in the fish that were used. Do I just trust a health food store or is there something to look for?
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molecular distillation, third-party testing. Generally you want the oil to be coming from deep ocean fish but that's probably not uncommon now, and it seems even the molecular distillation is fairly easy to find. The main thing is probably that it has been tested by an independent lab and found to be free of containants, sometimes you can find that kind of review online. Other than purity you also want to look at freshness, no good taking rancid oil even if it is pure. There are good products on the market, though, just do a little research online.
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