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Find Grass Fed Beef and Pastured Pork in Whole Foods Markets

Posted Dec 07 2009 12:12pm

Animal Welfare Approved grass-fed Beef and pastured pork available in Whole Foods Markets

Washington, DC
--In response to many ongoing requests asking whether Animal Welfare Approved products are
available in Whole Foods Markets, the answer is YES!

This holiday season, in addition to purchasing your AWA meat directly from the farm, CSA, farmers' markets, co-ops, or buying clubs, you can shop at more than 100 Whole Foods Markets and find Animal Welfare Approved grass fed beef and pastured pork products.

While Animal Welfare Approved farmers supply numerous Whole Foods Markets, typically it has been difficult for consumers to find Animal Welfare Approved products at these stores because most AWA products will lack the familiar AWA label. And since Whole Foods Markets offer a variety of meat products from a host of different sources, consumers need to ask for Animal Welfare Approved products by the specific farm or farm group where the animals were raised on pasture or range.

A state-by-state list of Whole Foods Market stores that stock AWA meats, and specifically what you should ask for at the meat counter, is available on whole-foods/. Since the AWA products lack labels, asking the butcher for meat from a specific farm is the key to ensuring Animal Welfare Approved meat is a part of your meaningful holiday meal.

Consumers can find a searchable database of other Animal Welfare Approved products on the AWA website. AWA wishes everyone a humane and happy holiday season!

Animal Welfare Approved audits and certifies family farms that raise their animals with the highest animal welfare standards, outdoors, on pasture or range. The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has lauded these standards for two years running as being the most stringent when compared to other third-party certification programs. Visit for a searchable database of approved farms and restaurants, shops and markets where our farmers' products are sold. Choose the one independent food label that means healthy, safe, environmentally responsible and humanely raised.

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