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Extreme Food is Real Food - The Answer to Fat Burn and Health!

Posted Mar 08 2010 2:48pm
I'm what you can call skinny fat.I'm not really overweight and I'm not really fit either.I know I carry extra fat around my mid section and I don't like this at all. Dieting is not an option for me because I don't eat much to start with. If I cut back on calories I would be malnourished and become sick and tired all the time.

Real food - extreme regime for fat burn....

In 2008 I learned about real food and how eating more of the right kinds of food burn the fat, even the stubborn belly fat. No diet foods, no calorie counting, no low fat, no pills or shakes and not even exercise unless I want to, and I lost the belly fat!

No gimmicks, no promises – just me learning how food is the key to fixing a sluggish metabolism, food helps to rid inflammation – I learned this when dealing with a frozen shoulder! Eating real food is safe and since I already had to eat I made the decision to be mindful about what I ate. I give the credit to Dr. Heidi Dulay for teaching me about real whole healthy food for fat burn, proper working metabolism and general good health.

Does it cost more to eat real food? At first I thought it did but now I'm amazed when I spend so much less. My grocery bill averages 25% less by cutting out all cookies, chips, mac & cheese and all other boxed processed food stuff. I buy fresh produce, grass fed meats, real butter, eggs, cheese and many other real natural foods.

I read labels on everything and found that most items with even moderate ingredient lists don't end up in my shopping cart. Always look at all ingredients because the artificial food colors are usually the last thing listed. I was thinking of buying some veggie wraps to make bacon and egg salad wraps until I saw yellow food color as the last thing on the spinach wrap!

To learn how to eat real food and maybe burn some fat or have better health I suggest you look at Dr. Heidi's ER Fat Burn Program . I know it's called a fat burn program but many people do the program for the food information. It's a program about food as much as it's about fat burning….. Get healthy before or while the weight is coming off!

Real food - extreme regime for fat burn....

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