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Excess Vitamins May Cause Prostrate Cancer

Posted by Swati S.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute published a study recently saying that men who take vitamins in excess are more likely to develop the most risky types of prostrate cancer. Men who have a family history of the disease are more susceptible. This was in the news and it just got me thinking that we really should not pop pills into our mouth before taking professional advice. Most probably, we will be told what we already know, but it's always best to be sure-especially about the quantity. You know what they say? when in doubt - ask!
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Does the study say what kind of vitamins, Swati? I'm curious because my dad has had prostate cancer for about 10 years now, and is doing great, and my mom (the vitamin and supplement freak) has been making sure he takes all the right things (saw palmetto, etc.) to keep his PSA levels down .. and it's worked. Wel;l, maybe. Who knows why he's doing OK but if you ask her, she'll say it's his aggressive vitamin regimen. Of course, I agree with you -- popping pills without talking to our doctors or doing the right research is never a good idea. You have to be informed, and you should never do something because "someone told me."
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