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Eat Fat To Get Skinny - Our Results Prove It!

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:21pm 1 Comment
Have you ever tried a lowfat diet and felt like you were starving to death? Fat actually sends a signal to your brain to tell you when to stop eating. So, if you don't get enough fat in a meal, you will never feel completely satisfied and will usually end up overeating.

Another problem with lowfat diets is that lowfat means high-carb. And high-carb eventually leads to low blood sugar. When your blood sugar drops, your body goes into a storage mode and your metabolism slows down. Also, when you eat high-carb foods you trigger the release of insulin, which tells your body to store fat.

People on lowfat diets typically avoid protein foods from animal sources because they contain saturated fats. This is not a very wise choice for most people because the only complete source of protein found in nature comes from animals.

Our media-induced fear of fat in this country has created a market for over 15,000 reduced-fat products! These products completely fail to live up to their claims, not to mention that they don't even taste good. Have you ever had a fat-free product that tasted better than the original? The fact is that when they remove the fat, they have to put something back in, and that "something" is usually more sugar, sodium, artificial flavorings, binding agents and other chemicals.

Don't be afraid to eat real food. The closer to nature, the better it is for you. Choose foods in their whole state. Do your best to avoid processed, prepackaged foods, especially those that are reduced-fat products.

The best fats for us to eat are those that generations thrived on before Quaker and Nabisco became household names. These traditional fats include butter, lard, tallow, olive oil, coconut and palm oils—fats that you don't hear about too often on TV!

"Unfortunately we will still read more from media-induced fat fears like this current Mayo Clinic report about coconut oil ."

Not only will you lose weight and inches with real food and the good oils your health will improve. Taking the fear out of eating fats

OK here are some results from Dr. Heidi's ER weight control program - based on real food with "good fats":

Carol lost 14 lbs in her first 14 days on ER Fat Burn, is now up to 19 lbs,

Vanessa, an auditor, lost 10 lbs

Mary, an auditor, lost 11 lbs.

Wanda, an Active, lost 9 lbs

And, one gal lost 0. She came to ER with a dead metabolism, looking for way to revive it so she could start losing. After 4 weeks in ER, she got rid of her gas and bloating, and her the joint pain disappeared. She too, is a happy camper.

Food for thought about fats and health; Alaskan Eskimos consume as much as 70% of their calories from fat (whale blubber and fish) and they have one of the lowest rates of heart disease in the world – until they come to the US and eat like us!

From Dr. Heidi Dulay; "There is a whole body of fascinating research supporting real foods versus fake foods. And meticulous analysis of the data from large "clinical trials" and diet programs run by physicians showing that saturated fats are NOT a cause of heart disease or obesity, but rather are beneficial for health and weight loss."

Kim has given us glimpses of these in her posts on Inside Whole Food Nation. See here, Mr. Banting lost 50 lbs on low-carb food .

Bottom line: We (ER group) are having our personal experience with a real food, low carb, fat+protein regime. Where quality is more important than quantity. And awareness more important than discipline. In the end, we trust our own body and trust the results of our little ER group who have no reason to pretend, no axe to grind and no position to uphold. We're just doing it...

Information / Register Dr. Heidi's ER Fat Burning Program . ** Maximum 15 - then auditor spots available.

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Thank you for reading!

When a passion guides your life, it becomes your true north.
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I was always following a low fat diet, from fats I used only extra virgin olive oil, raw sesame oil and nuts, lots of eggs, buckwheat, lentils, quinoa, fruits, vegetables and tried not to eat in the evenings. My weight was pretty fine, at least I could easily regulate it.


Since discovering westonaprice website, I ordered 5 books recommended by Wise Traditions, some are written by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig. I was confident that the new knowledge will change my eating habits and my life for the better.


Unfortunately, after following high fat eating plan for just over a month, I put on 5 kg of weight and am very disappointed.


Does this mean that this high fat eating plan does not suit me?


I do not eat any sugary or refined foods, just healthy fats, eggs, meat, butter, some fruit, lots of green vegetables and sea salt. I started eating lots of butter with rye sourdough or buckwheat bread – could this make me put on weight? Or am I eating too much butter and cream, but on  this website it says they can be eaten freely? Do I need to count calories, I never counted them before. I also noticed my hair started to get greasy, is it because of butter?


I am concerned because I want to eat and feed my children healthily, but do not want to be piling on weight.


Since it does not work for me, shall I stop this high fat diet and return to my old low fat eating?


What am I doing wrong???


I would really appreciate your explanation.


Thank you




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