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Dr. Heidi Dulay's Food Cycling Fat Burn Program - Part of Whole Food Nation

Posted Oct 29 2008 1:32pm

Food Cycling aka Extreme Regime (ER)
The Program

What's different about this? It's based on new research showing that calorie counting and doing exercise don't help most people lose weight. The Surgeon General's Report notwithsanding.

What do we get to eat? No rabbit food required. No exercise required. So, what do I have to do?

Eat real fats and proteins. Lay off artificial sweeteners and packaged "low-carb" or "low-fat" foods. Those labels are a sure sign of fake ingredients inside. They may cause you to retain water and fat and pack on cellulite.

ER eating plans accommodate Western and Eastern foods, different blood types and food sensitivies, traveling, restaurant food, and different levels of cooking skills.

On a pauper budget? Vegetarian? There are ER food plans for you.

You get a food list, food sources and recipes.

Here are the 4 basics of the ER program:

1. Real food is good. No fake, toxic, food-like substances.

2. Fat is good, including saturated fat IF it's from happy animals. Or from coconuts.

3. Refined carbs are bad: sugar, sweets, alcohol and refined grains (white bread, pasta, rice, etc.). BAD.

4. Starving is no good. It destroys metabolism and creates fat.

What about fruits and veggies? Whole grains and legumes?

There's a place for them in ER, but it is not in the Fat Burning Cycle except for a few, for some people.

Fruits and vegetables are primary foods in Cleansing, the second big cycle in ER. Grains and legumes may be part of the Coasting cycle for some people, depending on their body type. For many people, grains and legumes are fattening, or cause digestive problems and allergies.

What's food cycling?

Food cycling grew out of very different "diet" approaches that all reported success. One explanation, it seems, is that bodies work like the seasons - they need different foods for different times.

For example, Fat Burning food is very different from Cleansing food. Coasting food, the third big cycle in ER, is also different. There are two mini-cycles: Comfort and Celebration, which keep us sane and happy.

ER Program Options

Active format. Dr. Heidi does live weekly group conference calls. She brings you up to date on clinical research findings on weight loss, and clarifies much of the confusing advice you might have heard or read. She works with you one-on-one every week to customize your program based on your own biochemical profile, conditions, preferences, reactions, and rate of progress.

Audit format. For do-it-yourselfers. No private sessions. Listen to the group calls, receive the handouts (pdfs), videos and audios, and join the private online ER discussion group.

What makes this work?

1. The food cycles.
Bodies know that there’s a time for fat burning, and a time for cleansing and rejuvenation. A time for discipline, and a time for comfort or celebration. And when it's ready it can coast, knowing what's truly good for it.

The Food Cycling/Extreme Regime Program guides you through these eating stages for lasting weight loss.

2. Commitment to health and rejuvenation.
There's nothing toxic (like artificial sweeteners or artificial bars or shakes) that's likely to compromise your health in the long run. No fat deprivation. We'd rather focus preventing or reversing aging while you lose weight.

3. Commitment to pleasure, ease and individuality.
I've been a hedonist for years. So I tailor your ER to you. How? Together, we eliminate anything stressful or unappealing. ER can accomodate your unique conditions, life style and goals.Plus if you don't like what you're eating, you might stress out. Chronic stress is harmful to health and causes fat storage. Who wants that?

What about weight loss?

Here’s what program graduates have said:

“ I finally lost the 20 lbs I thought I would never lose and kept it off even after a Mexico vacation. I’m never hungry.”
- Jennifer Grainger, Counselor, Stockton, CA

“I’m glad I lost 45 pounds in four months, but what’s more important is I feel so much better. When I came to Dr. Dulay a year ago, I couldn’t work more than 15 hours a week. Now I’m working 30.”
- Joe Thompson, Contractor, Petaluma, CA

“I lost 70 lbs in 9 months, including a 2-month plateau which I’m just coming off now. I just kept on food cycling during the plateau and I’m starting to lose again. 50 more to go. It’s part of my life now. It’s easy to eat in restaurants. It’s the way my husband and I eat now and we like it.”
- Syd Thompson, Real estate broker (Joe’s wife), Petaluma, CA

“I can feel it in the waist of my pants. They’re all looser... I’m not eating all that junk I used to eat -- Cheetos, Tostitos ... No candy bar after lunch, no Cokes except on rare occasions. I don’t miss them at all. And I now enjoy food in France without paying the weight price.”
- Nat Baker, Financial Controller, Silicon Valley

“I never thought losing weight could feel this good. Most of my perimenopausal symptoms and cravings are gone.”
- Virginia Poggi, Stockton, CA

copyright Little Spa and Whole Food Nation.
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