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Does taking the regular Vitamins C,E,B-complex & Calcium on a long term basis will have an effect on my liver ?

Posted by shalani

I had a cholecystectomy years ago. I also have this post cholecystectomic syndrome. With this condition,

1.Does taking vitamins regularly and intending to take herbal macafem for HRT will have a bad effect on my liver?

2. Is there something that will treat  my Post cholecystectomic syndrome?Feeling bloated most of the time?

3. At age 54,I am experiencing break out of acne and leaving scars on my face and tingling  of my extremities . Though taking Vit.B-complex 2x a day somehow relieved me from the tingling of extremities. However, I thought of taking MACAFEM to regulate my hormones that could be causing this break-out of acne and other related menopausal symptoms. I am just worried with what I read that a long term of use of HRT, can be a cause for cancer. Does one bottle intake will do me harm?

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