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Does Exercise Help Burn Fat?

Posted Sep 07 2009 10:06pm
Time published this article Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin in the health section. It has stirred a lot of reactions.

What if instead of people screaming that exercise is the key to weight loss, we actually read the article and opened our mind to the possibility?

Weight loss is not a one size fits all so not everyone will burn fat with exercise.

I for one know that it's very possible and likely to burn fat without exercise! Yes, it is a fact. Dr. Heidi Dulay's ER Fat Burn programs have been hugely successful with people losing weight without exercise. It's based on eating real food. When we take the fake food - high carbs - wrong fats - sugars - and industrial food stuffs out of our diet we will lose fat. We stopped putting fake foods in our bodies and the fat came off.

Are you dieting backwards?
Bad Good Food Video w/Dr. Heidi

From Time...
"Could pushing people to exercise more actually be contributing to our obesity problem? In some respects, yes.

If evolution didn't program us to lose weight through exercise, what did it program us to do? Doesn't exercise do anything?

In addition to enhancing heart health and helping prevent disease, exercise improves your mental health and cognitive ability. A study published in June in the journal Neurology found that older people who exercise at least once a week are 30% more likely to maintain cognitive function than those who exercise less. Another study, released by the University of Alberta a few weeks ago, found that people with chronic back pain who exercise four days a week have 36% less disability than those who exercise only two or three days a week.

But there's some confusion about whether it is exercise — sweaty, exhausting, hunger-producing bursts of activity done exclusively to benefit our health — that leads to all these benefits or something far simpler: regularly moving during our waking hours. We all need to move more — the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says our leisure-time physical activity (including things like golfing, gardening and walking) has decreased since the late 1980s, right around the time the gym boom really exploded. But do we need to stress our bodies at the gym?"

I'm not saying that we can sit around being couch potatoes all day and lose weight. I am saying in the first ER cycles of fat burning (weight loss), exercise was not necessary for the fat to come off. Exercise was optional, if we were already exercising Dr. Heidi said we could continue. Adding exercise was not needed!

If people are not losing weight with exercise, maybe it's time to realize there are other options like the food we eat....

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