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Do you think the AMA is run by drug companys

Posted by Marv B.

For an example I was told by a doctor that the cause of high cholesterol is high levels of homocystein it comes from proteins in the lever since the lever is the filter for the blood and this cell is like a bur with sharp prickly points all around it and as it flows thru the blood stream it scraps the sides of the arteries and gouges them out and than the cholesterol comes to patch them up it's like plaster so we get build up and our flow is constricted this leads to increase risk of hart disease and damage to our blod vessels. Well the reason the doctors aren't treating this cause rather than the effect is that the drug company's don't have a drug to treat the cause. But with the proper nutritional supplements by USANA this can help detoxify the liver and help clear the arteries with a combination of USANA HEALTH PAK 100, BIOMEGA & HEPASIL DTX these vitamin supplements are proven the best ever but don't take my word read it for your self this company can't lie because it's publicly traded on the NASDAQ and it's the only supplement in the Medical PDR used by THE US OLIMPIC TEAMS see it for your self GO TO
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We Need to Take Responsibility. I am so thankful for doctors, but the older I get, the more I realize our health is in our own hands. It's so hard to do the slow, consistent work of staying healthy, but if we want to be happy we have to take responsibility for our own health.
Run by no, influenced by yes.. I don't think it's run by drug companies but I do believe they influence it greatly. These physicians are lobbied as hard as Congress. It's the way the drug companies make money. I think the most important thing a person can do is to listen to their bodies and instincts. Yes doctors know a lot more about some things than you do. But they are human and fallible. If you aren't satisfied that one doctor is addressing your needs go to another one. We have to take charge of our own healthby being well informed and asking questions.
Money and Fraud. I know the drug companies run the AMA in terms of through money, false successes and withholding research results. This is old news. Drug companies have been in the headlines for the past year to two years, even more. Just google "controversy (named drug)." Class action suits have been filed through out the world. But, it is a lie to say you can solve a health problem with a pill. There's a lot of money in pharmaceuticals. I believe, it is one of the top money making industries in the world. It doesn't cost much to make a tiny, little pill.
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