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Do I need Supplements to Lose Weight? Vitamins for Weight Loss Diet.

Posted Dec 02 2012 1:22am

How many times have you heard somebody saying: "If I restrict food and I will run every day, I'm sure I will lose weight?"
I've heard it many times, especially from people who are on a weight loss diet throughout their lives and nothing happens! In addition, very often they are people without energy, tired and with no hope for success. Sounds familiar?

Why simple logic does not work when you want to lose weight permanently? The answer is trivially simple:
FOOD and NUTRITION are two completely different things in present times!

Our body is a great and extremely complex chemical laboratory. It converts what we eat into energy, maintain inner balance and allows us to enjoy the health. Everything goes according to plan, if our body gets all or at least most, components (nutriens) from food to work effectively.
Unfortunately, since we started to produce and improve the food on an industrial scale, its nutritional value has fallen dramatically. The paradox of our times is that we eat a lot more than our grandparents and yet, we are qualitatively malnourished. Research shows that contemporary American, living in a big city, receives statistically only 28% nutritional value compared to his ancestor, living in 1970.
What does a self-regulating body, when it hasn't enough ingredients that determine survival? It's looking for more FOOD!

HUNGER of quality:

  • We need a little, but good and rich in vitamins and minerals, food for healthy living.
  • If you do not have the food you become hungry because your body is looking for nutrients to survive. You begin to eat more, so you gain weight.
  • If you just limit your food to lose weight, you start to be even more HUNGRY! Do you know that feeling?
  • This vicious circle is responsible for the majority of failures in weight loss.

In fact, even a multivitamin but very good quality greatly simplifies the process of losing weight. If you are serious about weight loss, please read about nutritional deficiencies first, define your goal and choose your own path here

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