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Do Americans Look Healthy? Are We Putting Trust In All The Wrong Places About Food And Health?

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:36pm
I've found over the past few months and probably years that I'm usually too busy to pay attention to more than a few things, and for the rest, I just trust. I don't have the time so it comes down to trusting what I read and hear.

Except when it comes to food. I know in the past I trusted too much and it was not an area where trust was helpful. Why do I say this? Well, judging by the size and health of most of America it seems the interests of big food today are not the interests of your body's health. Compare:

Big Food value #1

Shelf life. Once-real food is now irradiated and subjected to extreme heat which kills all the vitamins and enzymes. The chemicals so distort the food molecules that they're not usable by our bodies. But hey, it has shelf life and looks good.

Can your body survive big food's value #1?

A body can't process 'shelf-lifed' food. It wants real food. Translation: Fresh. Clean. Not genetically mutilated. With its vitamins and nutrients intact. Available from local farmers in most cities in the US.
If your body is in great shape, no need to change anything. If it isn't, consider doing something novel for it: real food.

Why follow the crowd? Do they look that good to you?

So be weird. Think different. Do different.

2,500 years ago, here's what a revered religious leader told his followers:

"Do not take anything on 'authority'. Nor blindly believe it because the government or your teacher said it. Instead, test ideas and actions yourself, and when you know they lead to harm or ill, abandon them. If you know they lead to benefit or happiness, adopt them. Be lamps unto yourselves."-Buddha.
Look in the (full length) mirror. Has big food harmed you or benefited you? Will you continue to trust them?

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Thank you Kim Klaver and Dr. Heidi for being so passionate about making America a whole food nation and gaining health with food.

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