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Days Three - Five Intensive Juice Fast

Posted Nov 25 2008 10:34am
Yahoo, almost done with my 5 day intensive juice fast. I forgot to mention I've been doing a dry skin brush before taking a hot bath with dead sea salt every night. This was another way to release more toxins.

Friday, day 3 going good. Started taking enemas today. I went out to restock my fruits and veggies. I took fruit juice and veggie broth with me in case I got hungry.

My vision is improving a little bit. I found I can read better without my glasses.

No hunger today. I did have heartburn at night after adding flax oil to my veggie juice. Dr. Heidi said the oil could have been rancid or my body just wasn't accepting it. I didn't test it again.

Was asleep by 10 PM. Slept well after the heatburn passed.

Saturday, day 4 juice fast. Good day, not hungry, heartburn from day 3 gone. Vision still not great. Enemas helping to clear toxins. Good day, feel good, have energy and no nicotine cravings!

Asleep by 10PM after hot bath.

Sunday, day 5 and last day of juice fast.

Felt good when I got up. Started feeling hungry around noon. Felt more hungry all day. I think I was too active and using more energy than I was taking in from my juices. Luckily it's the last day, Monday I start back on solid food.

I forgot to mention I came down with the flu on the first day of the detox eating. I never took any meds for it because I was working on detoxing. Maybe not being able to smell food made it easier, who knows for sure.

Day 5 was the hardest, I was hungry, tired, cold and felt crabby, along with vision still not good. I went to bed early just to get my mind off food!

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