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Damage Control Nation - Experts agree on something. Finally. Eat more vegetables.

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:37pm
Why Veggies?

Because they are a prime source of "co-factors" - the term professionals use to refer to vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients the body needs to process food.

Co-factors are crucial for absorbing nutrition from food, making fuel for energy, neutralizing stress, and aging gracefully. Even the low carb fanatics know they have to eat veggies with their meat, fish, eggs or cheese. Otherwise, they get stuck and have bad breath. Our bodies can't break down the proteins in meats well enough without co-factors.

Not only do poorly processed proteins clog us up, but they cause leaky gut - holes in the intestines that bacteria make, as they gobble up the rotting protein lodged in the intestines.

A leaky gut allows foreign substances to pass into the bloodstream and land in joints. This results in inflammation and joint pain. It causes the immune system to start misfiring and the skin to break out in unsightly acne, lesions and scabs. Sometimes, what leaks through causes toxic growths and arterial plaque. Soon, diseases emerge, like allergies, arthritis, acne, osteoporosis, lupus, even cancer and heart disease.

Not having enough cofactors causes cravings - the body's cries for missing nutrients. Cravings remain until the body gets what it's looking for, or becomes too exhausted to look.

When we eat junk food like sugar, alcohol, any white grain (white bread, white rice, most pasta), or other refined food like soybean or corn oil, the body has to scrounge for co-factors. It steals them from bones, organs, muscles and other tissues. It does that so that it can at least use the junk food for fuel. This puts off death, but not for very long.

"But I hate veggies," people say.
"The only ones I like are French fries and ketchup. Fruit makes me fat… Do beans count?" Or, "I can't eat fruit. I’m diabetic." Or, I don't have time to cook veggies. They just rot in my fridge."

That's why Whole Food Nation created Pop-a-Green. And its twin Pop-a-Purple. For help to make up for our sins of nutrition omission… We're not perfect either.

Try this whole food multi for a month, on the house. Send us your multi vitamins and we'll send you ours to test for a month. How to do it here, and yes it's free and spam free.

From, Staying Alive Press and Whole Food Nation
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