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Custom DNA Supplements

Posted by Runner Mom

I just started doing some social media/writing work for a company called HelixLife.  They offer a product that is a customized vitamin called "Brilliant" that can be customized based on a person's DNA.  I think it is a great product backed with years of scientific research from doctors and geneticists. 

Their process is they send out a cheek swab in the mail, the customer returns it, and it is analyzed to understand a person's unique genetic strengths and weaknesses passed down by his/her parents.  With this test, HelixLife can eliminate much of the guesswork about what a person's body needs to stay healthy.

"For example, one small variation in your DNA (known as a polymorphism), can make your skin different from your siblings or even your parents. Some of the polymorphisms are so small that they only affect the order of one single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP, which is pronounced “snip”) in the DNA strand. By measuring these SNPs through a DNA assessment, they can impact the expression of a person's genes through proper nutritional and lifestyle support."  They then can create a vitamin based on the results of your test measuring 12 key SNPs.

 What are your thoughts on customized vitamins based on your genetic code?  

 For more information, visit their website at

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