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Colloidal Silver and Your Health

Posted by Tracii H.

You may have heard of the supplement colloidal silver, which is touted to "promote general health and well-being". It has been shown to have antifungal, antibacterial, and immune-boosting properties and to ease sore throat and melancholy. It has been my experience that this supplement is invaluable in treating systemic yeast (candida) infections as well as halting the pain from an irritated throat almost immediately. I felt instant change in my mental state the first time I took it and now take it every day to prevent re-growth of my recurrent candida infection. The only downside is the price - a whopping $10.99 for a tiny spray-container.
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Colloidal silver helped a sore throat I had a long time ago. I never heard of it helping with candida, an interesting solution and yes expensive. High alkaline diet is also and excellent deterrent according to Robert O. Young's book A high acid diet allows yeast to grow and feed in the body. Cut down on acid foods, like sugars, flour and high sugar foods -- add more alkaline food like greens, vegetables, certain types of fish, tofu and nuts -- the candida has no feeding ground, eventually clears away.
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