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Coconut Oil For Weight Management and So Much More

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:37pm
Coconut oil can be considered a "medicine" in the same sense that other healthful foods are "medicines" which help our bodies achieve or maintain good health. If adding coconut oil to your diet as a supplement you will reap some benefit ( it's high in lauric acid .) If we look at replacing unhealthful fats (shortening, margarine and hydrogenated oils general, as well as most of the vegetable oils at the grocery store) with coconut oil we can reap the maximum benefits it offers. For people who have trouble with fats in the diet such as Crohns' disease or other digestive problems coconut oil offers relief because it's readily usable by the body without having to be broken down in the digestive system.

This is what coconut oil can do for your health:

Reduce risk of heart disease
Reduce risk of cancer and other degenerative conditions
Helps prevent bacterial, viral and fungal infections
Supports immune system function
Helps control diabetes
Provides an immediate source of energy
Supports healthy metabolic function
Improves digestion and nutrient absorption
Supplies important nutrients necessary for good health
Promotes weight loss
Helps prevent osteoporosis
Has mild delicate flavor
Helps prevent premature aging and wrinkles
Helps protect against skin cancer and other blemishes
Helps keep skin soft and smooth
Functions as a protective antioxidant

What coconut oil does not do:

Does not increase blood cholesterol level
Does not promote platelet stickiness or blood clot formation
Does not contribute to heart disease
Does not contribute to weight problems.
Source: The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil, by Bruce Fife, N.D.

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