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Child's Brain Tumor Gone After Alternative Treatments

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:37pm
When 7-year-old Ella Hope Hauschildt's parents were told their daughter had a brain tumor they asked what could be done. They didn't accept the answer which was, "after radiation the little girl would be kept comfortable." They decided to go to Arizona for alternative therapy. This was a natural treatment using vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Good for little Ella Hope's parents for being open to natural treatments, good for Ella Hope - now her tumor is gone.

Alternative Medicine Attributed to Curing Child's Brain Tumor
Ella Hope Hauschildt was diagnosed with a brain tumor a month before she turned seven, but after natural remedies, the latest MRI was not able to detect the tumor anymore. Her family believes it was the natural treatment that helped Ella.

A month before turning 7, Ella found out she had a inoperable grape-sized brain tumor. She went through 30 radiation treatments, but her family wanted to try an alternative therapy. Her parents took her to Arizona for natural therapy.
After 20 IV treatments of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, the tumor was no longer detected in the MRI.

Doctors say it is almost impossible that the tumor won’t return, but Ella’s family still remains hopeful.

Ella’s family has switched to a mostly organic, natural diet. From MyFox Twin Cities

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