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Canned Tomatoes May Affect Hormone Production

Posted Aug 27 2008 8:29am
I've never felt comfortable in the kitchen because cooking is not my thing at all. But when I hear tips about foods my ears perk up because real food is my thing.

Anyway, if you must use tomatoes that are not fresh do not use the canned ones, find the ones in glass jars. Why?

"Tomato products are acidic and the can liners have toxic chemicals that have been shown to leach into the products, and may affect hormone production," said Dr. Heidi Dulay,Ed.D. M.S. N.C. - Adjunct Professor, Holistic Studies, JFKU, Pleasant Hill, CA. Teaching two Master's Degree Level courses:
1. Comparative dietary approaches
2. Practicum in Holistic Health: Tibetan Qigong
3. Cooking up new product ideas for health nuts that save time and energy and provides everyday health to anyone who wants it.

A substance used to line food cans, bisphenol A, is classed as an endocrine disruptor, a compound that can act like a hormone when it enters the human body.

Scientists have found that exposure to such chemicals can contribute to prostate cancer, cystic ovaries, breast cancer, and endometriosis.

Excellent tip from an ER I participant:
"If you don't like boxes of organic tomatoes and run them through your food processor and throw them in a quart sized Ziploc bag and freeze flat and then stack in your freezer for the winter."

"If you are like me and getting more and more plastic phobic, you can freeze them in mason jars making sure to leave 3/4" empty so it can expand as it freezes. The jars cost some money but can be used year after year after year. Plus they are really easy to pick up at [Thrift stores] or from other people who used to can."

This tomato tip came from Dr. Heidi during the ER I fat burning program. Thank you Dr. Heidi for letting me share more tips. The program is much more than "weight loss" - we are learning about real food, cool!!!

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Thank you for reading!

When a passion guides your life, it becomes your true north.
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