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Buy Acai Capsules Only From A Trusted Source: Know What To Look For

Posted Apr 12 2009 12:41pm

When you buy acai capsules, always look for the following requirements to make sure you are getting only the best. Don´t settle for anything less than quality made supplements.

1. Look for 100% pure ingredients - Preparing and exporting this berry from the Amazon can cost a lot. This is why many quality acai berry capsules can be more expensive than your ordinary dietary supplement.

Some unscrupulous companies have taken advantage over this though. They mix other ingredients in their pills --- ingredients which you could easily get from your next door shop. And yet, they will continue to charge you the same price as a  pure acao pill.

If the supplement you´re taking is mixed with other kinds of fruit, you´re not going to benefit from it so much in the same way that 100% pure pills will.

2. Look for freeze-dried acai - This is the only way to make sure that the nutrients of this delicate berry can be preserved. Forget any other process -- spray dried, extract, they don´t preserve all the antioxidants, minerals and vitamins as much as the freeze-dried ones.

3. Never ever buy acai berry capsules that use its seed - Most research of this berry show that it is the pulp that contains all the amazing nutrients ---not the seed. However, some companies actually use the seed in their products. Get away from these companies as soon as you find them. They´re up to no good at all.

Don´t be conned by these companies who take us consumers for fools.  

Always get your acai capsules from companies who provide quality supplements and acai products. Click Here for a list of quality acai companies who have proven their integrity in this market.

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