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Breakfast Drink With Water Kefir

Posted Jan 15 2011 6:20pm

I've never been a fan of eating in the morning.  I know it's important to get something in my stomach soon after waking up so a drink is a fit for me.  I don't use any processed ready to use drinks, Yuck and Toxic ingredients!  I make my own very tasty and easy blended drink.  I use it anytime I don't have time for a meal, or just don't know what I want to eat. 

I loved using Kombucha for my drink.  Then I couldn't find it at any health food stores because it was found to have elevated alcohol levels.   It's back now and I've been happy to have it back in my blended drinks.  Now I've switched again because paying almost $4 a bottle is a bit too much for me.  I drink at least a bottle a day.  I know lots of people pay that much for coffee or pop, I don't drink either one and still can't justify $4 a bottle.

I use Kefir Water now.  I make it at home for a fraction of the cost of the Kombucha tea.  I buy my water grains from Cultures for Health .

Water Kefir Highlights:

OK here's my "recipe" for my morning or blended drink.  Ingredients are based on my tastes.  You can add fresh fruits or veggies.  Note this is not a weight loss drink, it is a healthy drink:)

8 oz Kombucha, Water or Water Kefir
1 Tb organic virgin coconut oil (from Tropical
2 Tb Big B (b complex supplement, stabilized rice bran from Whole Food Nation )
2 Tb Brown Flax Seeds (grind at home in a coffee grinder)
2 Tb Caprotein (From
1 tsp Carlson Cod Liver Oil - Lemon flavor :)
1 scoop InulinFos if using just water (from
Small piece of fruit
1/4 to 1 tsp Micro-algae if I need more protein or using for a detox drink

Blend liquid, coconut oil, flax seeds, cod liver oil, fruit,InulinFos  and micro-algae.  Add Big B and Caprotein last and blend for just a few seconds. The Big B is fragile so over blending will break down the nutrients. Protect the great B- complexvitamins by treating gently.

Below is a video from Dr. Heidi Dulay talking about a similar version of this blended drink.  She helped to design my drink for me.  Note the video is from Dr. Heidi's weight loss program so the ingredients will be different.  Just watch for a idea of some things I've listed above.

Dr. Heidi's Dry mix for the weight loss body toddy

Spices such as cinnamon are wonderful for taste so add to your blended drink. Experiment with fruits and spices. Try to keep sweeteners out of your healthy drink. Adding fruit or the kefir water should give enough flavor.

Enjoy and never give up on eating real food for health!

Tips on ordering ingredients online Big B from Whole Food Nation offers free shipping. offers $5 off orders for first time customers with this code, OBI850
Cultures for Health offers $3.99 flat rate shipping for US orders. Sometimes they have free shipping on some products. is the only virgin coconut oil I use. It's that good!  I think they will still give you a free coconut oil book with this code 4206631 

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