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Boots Chemists

Posted by Tamar F.

When I was a little kid, I went to London for the first time and really remembered Boots Chemists (drugstore). They had all kinds of house brands of luxurious health and beauty products for dirt cheap. When I would visit Canada, sometimes I came across a few branches there.

Now Target has begun importing Boots wellness and beauty products. They have a sub line, “Botanical by Boots”, as well as a section for internal supplements. These include green tea, digestive enzymes, detox plans and body scrubs. I am just starting the “brightening beauty plan” liquid supplements. It’s for people who want a “lighter, more radiant” complexion. I’m not sure how this will be accomplished. I know that when I am low on iron, I look a little pale. This supplement has vitamins A, E, as well as things like acerola cherry and pine bark extracts. I have to take one little bottle a day…it tastes like weird orange pop that’s gone flat. But, of course, anything for beauty.

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