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Body for the Ages

Posted by Heather J.

During the last weekend in April, I attended the New Living Expo in San Francisco. I attended in hopes of gleaning some new information about health, wellness, and spiritual growth. As I perused the Expo, psychics, massage therapists, aura readers, chakra balancers, and other New Age salesmen seemed to come at me from all angles in an attempt to lure me into a reading or healing right then and there. Aack! In between ducking their advances, I did manage to walk away with information on a few seemingly useful and healthy food supplements. One of them comes from longtime Bay Area resident Pax Beale, a national bodybuilding champ who reportedly reversed his own heart disease and back pain, and authored a book called Body of the Ages touting his secrets for anti-aging, self-help, and wellness. He also launched a Body for the Ages product line, which includes most notably a product called CardioSoy, a high protein mix that includes a mix of soy and whey protein, and select amino acids. Great for endurance athletes or bodybuilders who need to add some extra protein to their diet. It comes in chocolate and vanilla; both would make a great morning smoothie! Visit for the skinny.
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