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Better Whey Of Life Yogurt Review

Posted May 07 2009 8:00pm

I was recently contacted by Better Whey of Life Yogurt to see if I would like some samples of their yogurt. This is not your Yoplait or Dannon Yogurt. It is a high "whey protein" healthy yogurt. I was excited to test it because I love yogurt and use Whey Protein in my morning drinks.

Rating this from 1 – 10 with 10 being best I have to give 8 plus.

The product isn’t easy to find so I had to take a bit away because of that. It's great that the company is only promoting the yogurt in Natural Food Stores and in time I know more Whole Foods Markets and maybe local Co-Op Grocers will carry it.
One flavor is my favorite and if I ate the same one daily I would get tired of it really fast. But, I found I could add fruit to the yogurt and it was tasty.

Whey Protein
I know that a high protein diet DOES help to burn fat while giving you energy. The protein must be of high quality and Better Whey of Life used whey protein. By the way I have used Whey Protein in my morning drinks for several years. It took a while to get used to the grainy texture. The whey protein in Better Whey of Life is not grainy. The yogurt is smooth and creamy.

Better Whey of Life plain yogurt has 17g of protein in each 6oz. cup. The 4 flavored yogurts have 15g of protein.

Less Sugar and it's not sweet
30% less sugar than most yogurts using natural cane sugar and inulin, a soluble fiber found in plant foods that happen to be sweet tasting. I’m sure the inulin is added for the probiotic fiber benefits but still it adds a bit of sweet taste. The yogurt is not sweet, it is tart like Kefir or even Kombucha, the fermented tart. No, it’s not sweet like popular brands of yogurt. If you are used to the sweet yogurts eating this yogurt will take some getting used to.

Keep your gut healthy and stay regular with this yogurt.
Along with the inulin for healthy gut bacteria and probiotic fiber it has live and active cultures from S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. acidophilus and Bifidus.

Who is Better Whey of Life for?
I feel the Better Whey of Life Yogurts is good for people on a high protein weight control food plan. It does have 17g to 23g of carbs so it would not be a fit for the Low-Carb diets except for a celebration or exception when craving ice cream!

It works as a snack for me because I do need the high protein.

I sampled the Strawberry Banana first. It was tart and I really couldn’t taste the strawberry or banana. The texture was smooth and creamy. It tasted OK but the flavor was not my favorite.

Next I tried the Peach Mango. YUM, this is my favorite and I will buy this one. There is loads of taste, it’s creamy, smooth, and thick. It’s tart but not sour. YUM….

I’m not much for vanilla so when I sampled the French Vanilla I added some organic blueberries. It was yummy, still not my fav but it was good and I would eat it again with fruit.

Lastly I tried the Acai Mixed Berry. I’m not an Acai berry fan so this was not the one for me. I will not eat this one again but if you like Acai or mixed berries this one would probably fit your yogurt taste.

This yogurt comes in plain, Acai Mixed Berry, Peach Mango, Strawberry Banana, and French Vanilla.

6oz. cups
130 - 145 calories
15 - 17g protein
7 - 14g sugar (30% less than popular brands)
3g - prebiotic fiber

Find at Whole Foods Markets and some health food stores. Check here...

Price varies, my local Whole Foods Market price is $1.69 each. There are coupons at the Better Whey of Life site and you can check to see if you can buy it locally yet. If it is available to you I would recommend trying it especially if you are on a higher protein food plan and need the extra prebiotic fiber and probiotics for a healthy gut.

All in all I like this yogurt and will buy it for myself. My husband and son did not like it because it wasn't sweet. That's OK because I can buy it all for me!

Thanks Kasey for sending the samples - Your yogurt is very good and a great source of high quailty protein!

If you have any questions about the Better Whey of Life yogurt or Whey Protein leave us a reply below.

Surprise source of vitamin D

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