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Be a Food Snob to Lose Weight or Be Healthy

Posted Sep 26 2008 3:01pm
If you really want to be healthy or lose weight and keep it off you have to become a food snob. This post will focus on weight loss but the principles work for being healthy as well.

Calories are not making people overweight, fake food is the cause. Fake food assaults your body, desensitizes your tastes while sensitizing our skin, zapping your energy and creating imbalances and cravings that can't be satisfied.

Start turning your nose up at fake food.

Empty your kitchen of these empty fake foods:
White flour
Hydrogenated fat
Additives, preservatives and Excitotoxins - Russell L. Blaylock
Fat-free foods
Processed foods
Most white foods
Irradiated foods
Pasteurized dairy
Instant - heat and serve meals

How not to lose weight (or yo-yo with weight):
Count calories
Eat fat free foods
Starve yourself
Drinking diet sodas
Eat diet foods
Exercise too much
Count points (whatever that means.. I didn't know food came with points)
Don't learn what to eat for life (this is why diet foods like Jenny Craig don't keep working, at some point you will stop eating the food they require you to buy and eat)

Follow the above trends and you will stay overweight or regain fat lost.

What do food snobs eat? (a small sample)
Meats from grass-fed animals (even RED meat)
Fish (wild caught)
Pastured eggs (the eggs from the lucky hens living outdoors in pastures or grass)
Coconut oils - Flax oil - Fish oil - Chicken fat
Raw dairy
Organic fruits and vegetables
Select Raw nuts

Americans are so far away from real food and it shows with kids growing up as picky eaters, health care costs, obesity, disease, and the physical -- emotional problems that are becoming common.

I'm adding value and protecting my family's health by becoming a food snob! Dr. Heidi did this for me and 40 others - because she cares passionately about helping us live a long healthy life with REAL FOOD. Go here to learn how your family can be food snobs. And no, she doesn't sell the real food..

Want to learn more?
Intro call this SAT (Sep 27) afternoon (45 mins).
1PM pt 2PM mt 3PM ct 4PM et
712.429.0700Pin 664114#

In Dr. Heidi's ER Fat Burn program, based on real food, 95% of the participants have 1) lost weight and so far, kept it off and 2) have watched with surprise their daily harmful habits kind of fade away...without the usual suffering and feelings of deprivation to go with and 3) feel like new people from the inside out."Everything I believed (about the industrial food they sell us) was a lie."

Real food is not as easy to define as you might think. And not as easily available, either. She'll tell you how different folks are foraging for real food and loving it(!)

Surprise source of vitamin D

Real food adds health value visit Whole Food And More website.
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