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Banish Pain Naturally

Posted by Heather J.

When your head is pounding or your body is aching, it’s tempting to reach for ibuprofen or some similar over-the-counter pain reliever. But there are ways to alleviate pain naturally. First, consider that most pain stems from poor circulation. To help get the blood moving, try cinnamon and ginger tea, both found to naturally aid circulation and soothe the body. The Chinese herb Safflower also helps relive pain in many cases. For chronic (ongoing) pain, try acupuncture. For a sudden headache, hit the acupressure points on the foot between the big and second toe. Arnica is a good all-around homeopathic remedy for general stiffness and soreness, as is a combination product called Traumeel, available in liquid, cream, or gel formulas. Lastly, (for this post) a deep massage can do wonders for what ails you.

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I have recently read an article about the effects meditation on pain. A study was done which showed that people who were in chronic pain felt much better when they meditated than those in the study who didn't. I found this really interesting.
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