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Balancing Omega 3 and Omega 6 Oils in Your Diet

Posted Jan 15 2009 5:05pm
Balance The Omega 6 Fatty Acids And The Omega 3 Oils In Your Diet

Medical discoveries of the past decade have shown that that most major illnesses have one common factor -chronic inflammation in the body. This datum can have a hugely positive impact on your health and your ability to prevent debilitating conditions to develop in your body.

The killer illnesses in modern industrialized societies that affect about 70% of the populations - are cancer, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and stroke. All these diseases are related to chronic sub-clinical (not easily noticed) inflammation.

Inflammation is supposed to occur to promote healing from injury, and as part of our immune response in fighting invaders. These situations are acute and temporary. We get over it.

Omega 3 has proven to support anti-inflammatory pathways in the body, and omega 6 has been shown to support pro-inflammatory pathways. Omega 6 is more prevalent in our diet, but it is not essentially "bad".

If our body is full of particles that are not supposed to be there - partially digested food in the blood, metals from breathing smog irritating our lungs, and fats in the blood that our liver isn't processing because it is inflamed, then we are in a state of chronic inflammation. It never goes away.

Add in the presence of omega 6 fats that don't have the necessary amount of omega 3 fats to balance them, and inflammation is being promoted, not kept in check. Inflammation is silent turmoil, biochemically. In our tissues, in our blood, in our brain.

There is a marker in the blood called C-Reactive Protein that reflects the level of inflammation in the body. This marker, CRP is easily measured by a simple, inexpensive blood test.

As you increase your intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, it is necessary to cut back significantly on ingesting Omega-6 fatty acids that come from ;

*any bottled oil that you buy in the supermarket other than olive oil

*every bottled salad dressing that you buy

* all the processed foods that you buy

* all fried food that you eat (unless it's cooked in lard or hydrogenated oil)

* all of the grain fed beef and poultry that you buy. The animals pick up the Omega-6's from the grains they eat and store it in their flesh. Grass fed beef, however, is low in Omega 6 fatty acids.

A healthy old age with full muscle and brain power is so worth a lifestyle change. Preparing your own salad dressings from olive oil, flaxseed oil and lemon or vinegar isn't so hard. You make a big bottle for the week. It is so easy now to buy trimmed and cut vegetables and salads, to cut down on preparation time, and eat lots of them raw. Grass fed beef and free-range chicken is easier to find in the food stores than it was a decade ago.

Eating cold water wild caught fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna and others is easy - and yet they are polluted, so consumption must be limited.

Fortunately we can get ultra purified, or pharmaceutical grade fish oil to give us the nutrients we need to avoid a chronically inflamed system.

Wouldn't you do just about anything to avoid cancer, arthritis, diabetes, lung disease and heart disease? Depression and stroke? Everything we need in the way of good food, anti-inflammatory education, and fine supplements, we have. How good is that!


By:Dianne M. BuxtonArticle Directory:

Click herefor more information on practicing natural health to help manage high blood pressure, arthritis, add, menopause, heart health,depression, joint pain and more. Dianne M. Buxton is a mother, writer, and a ballet teacher, interested in anti-aging nutrition and lifestyles.

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