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Avoid the Antibiotics!

Posted by C.L. R.

I was raised on antibiotics. For whatever reason, I had a doctor who just thought they were key for everything. The interesting part was, before starting a series, he'd put me on a liquid diet for 24 hours ahead of time. I wonder how that affected their performance. And the thing is, they did perform. Antibiotics, when used correctly, can perform all sorts of health miracles. It's just when they are used too often or not completed that problems begin to arise. When you use antibiotics too often, your body develops an immunity against them. What this means is, if you get bronchitis every year and use antibiotics to fight it, the odds are that one year, the bronchitis will come back ready to fight harder against the drug. And if the infection wins, you're in real trouble because you don't have much left to treat it. Plus, antibiotics are expert at killing off good germs in your body as well - that's why many women suffer yeast infections while on antibiotics - their "good" bacteria that would normally fight the yeast has been killed off. I turned out fine. But I do have to say this - if I had more information at the time, I would have tried to let infections run their course a bit more. I'm not saying to the point of pneumonia (that's just dumb) but I would have cared for myself instead of popping a pill. That's what I'm doing now and it seems to be working quite well.
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